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“THE SINGAPORE CONVENTION” UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION ON INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT    AGREEMENTS RESULTING FROM MEDIATION.UNCITRAL UNITED NATIONS COMMISSION ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW -New YORK CONVENTION . UN –The Singapore Convention – International Commercial Trade & Investment Alternative Dispute Resolution .Mediation Expedite Process to resolve International Conflicts . Mediation as a tool “The XXI Century for International Trade Cooperation”

M Carolina Obarrio, Esq -   Partner Veritas Assurance Partners - Senior Advisor Alternative Disputes Resolution -


Mediation is a procedure in which the parties discuss their disputes - needs and interests- to a trained impartial third person , the Mediator, who assist the parties to reach a settlement . Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution ADR ; an alternative process within the parties to a lawsuit meet  to resolve conflicts between them.  This is the nature of the goal for Commercial  and International Trade of    “The Singapore Convention” .

The benefit of the Mediation, Singapore Convention  process is an expedite process - no more than 3 months –  expedite  and participative process between the parties involved   where time , costs and all related to traditional arbitration and/or litigation process, with Mediation process  are usually very much reduced which substantially benefits and improve the international business, commercial and  investment international trade. ... 

March , 2020 -Doctrina – Derecho Constitucional El derecho de acceso a la justicia no se agota en las estructuras judiciales, sino que se enriquece con el adecuado uso de otros medios alternativos de resolución de las controversias, repaldados por su posible ejecución judicial Por M. Carolina Obarrio


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