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                                   Alternative Disputes Resolutions Senior Advisor 

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Alternative Disputes Resolutions ,  experienced  in Civil, Commercial Criminal Law. Litigation Experienced & Support Consultant.

Experienced & Knowledgeable attorney & Judicial Mediator with expertise in meeting challenges & negotiating disputes dedicated to achieving a resolution .

Criminal Mediator of the Mediation Center Access of Justice Alternative Approach Methods and Conflict Resolution at the Council of the Judiciary Judicial Branch of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires Argentina CMCABA 

 She has been elected  as Part of the Board of Directors of the Public Bar of lawyers of the  Buenos Aires City Federal Bar -CPACF- Colegio Público de Abogados de la Capital 2010-2012/ Reelected 2012-2014  representative as Council Member among other  countries and International Institutions. 

She has beer working on Programs of  Access to Justice and human rights, since 1995.- 

Sinve 2007 worked as  part of the  Judiciary System as a Criminal  Mediator of the Council of the Magistracy  of the City of Buenos Aires Argentina for more than seven years . 

Dra Obarrio has various publications and conferences as well as teacher training and training in alternative means of conflict resolution.

Dra Obarrio has made important  contribution in the institutional advancement law & Procedure of many Institutions, standing out for their contributions, leadership and driving, as well as his vast experience in the professional practice, as a litigator, at the same time in the area of Litigation &  Alternative Dispute Resolutions  ,  as in the academic training lawyers on ADR; she has also practice and a vast experience as a member of local institutions and international lawyers as their representative.

School Teacher and studied law becoming a Lawyer litigation since 1995-Civil & Commercial mediator at the Ministry of Justice & Human Rights Official List of Mediators ; She is one of the six  first Criminal Law  Mediators  appointed at the Judiciary Mediator at the Office Access to the Justice of the Council of the Magistrate of the City of Buenos Aires in 2007.  She is The Florida Bar Certified Foreign Attorney . Appointed at The Florida Bar  Governmental and Public Policy Advocacy Permanent Committee  & Florida Bar Diversity & Inclusion Permanent Committee . 


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                                                      ALTERNATIVE DISPUTES RESOLUTIONS 

                                                                  MEDIATION ARBITRATION 




Simple communication process tools between the parties, interpersonal communication, written nonverbal communication and oral communication. Process of creating and sharing ideas, information, views, facts feelings, feedback, to reach an understanding, a consensus agreement beneficial for both parties involved in the process .

A neutral third - party work with both sides / multi parties to reach an agreement-based on their needs and interests of the parties working together cooperatively and collaboratively to resolve the dispute thinking various alternatives of win-win solutions.

Mediation is an informal flexible, quick and not expensive dispute resolution process. The mediator’s role is to guide the parties toward their own resolution. The parties are the ACTORS on this PROCESS. They already know WHAT they really want and WHY to discuss as there NEEDS and INTERESTS . The experience and expertise mediator will work trough joint sessions and / or separate caucuses with the parties . Will work in offers , counter offers , questions , demands , and proposals- to help the parties move closer and arrive to an equitable resolution for both . In the way as the XXI CENTURY communications, partners , dynamic markets , financial technologies and opportunities for investors emerge .

As Commercial Transactions become increasingly international, is a challenge to the parties involved in those contracts as they have to think about harmonization of domestic laws and the choice of law in commercial transactions including the proper scope to resolve conflicts in case they arise.

“Alternative Disputes Resolutions “ are Alternative Disputes Solutions actually use today as a practice to resolve “ Internacional Bussiness Transactions” as well as in other relations , as ways to solve disputes either with “Mediation” or “Arbitration”

If a dispute between the parties, cannot be resolve it by Mediation , they can submit it to arbitration to settle the dispute.

arbitration often can be preferable to litigation. It's private and confidential, and it offers parties the chance to select a professional neutral and construct their own rules and procedures, plus arbitration provides "an informed, just, commercially reasonable, resolution of dispute."

What can make arbitration even better? how the process can be made more efficient, cost even less in terms of time and money, and still be guaranteed to give a fair and equitable hearing to all sides.


                                             “ I trust that my clients already has the answer, I just need to ask the right questions “